Thursday, 1 October 2015

Because Happy Independence Nigeria!!!

As my colleague and I sat in the hellish Lekki- Ajah traffic last night, my weary eyes rested on a long line of cars adorned with miniature green-white-green flags under the fast fading Nigerian sky. It was the first I had seen of such intense enthusiasm about the celebration of Nigeria’s Independence. In spite of my usually unperturbed self, a smile played carelessly on my lips as I watched my colleague haggle with a traffic vendor for the smallest sized flag in his merchandise. Even if momentary, that was money to be made.

The political ambiance of the country has taken a drastic plunge northwards and one cannot underplay the pros of and inherent beauty in it. I am particularly awed by the presence of a politically inclined group on Twitter who although is laced with so much venom and broken into several factions, has the potential of mobbing inactive leaders out of office and retaining otherwise trustworthy ones. The likes of @omojuwa, @ayourb, @ogbenidipo, @demolanrewaju, @zahramusa, @joyceodukoya have accumulated a large following who they intimate with new findings and ‘edutain’ with heated arguments which sometimes have them calling each other out but are altogether a crucial feature of the democracy we intend to build on.

On the other end are Nigerian leaders, ably represented by social media experts whose Twitter accounts have become a medium for public enlightenment and clarification on pressing issues. Just yesterday, amidst the frenzy accompanying the impending appointment of the ministers of the present tenure, the Senate President @bukolasaraki announced the reception of the proposed Ministerial list from the presidency at about 5.20 PM. Gone are the days when people got news items off Newspaper Stands and NTA 9.00 PM news. Now, even news agencies cop items off Twitter. In a near similar fashion, @omojuwa recently had a Tweetmeet with the Governor of the state of Osu,, Rauf Aregbesola where he asked questions floating on the minds of several Nigerians as regards the non-payment of salaries in the State.

My point is that this new found love growing in the hearts of young Nigerians for politics and governance heralds an era of accountability, transparency, social equity and judicious use of public resources as against what was regarded as the norm in the past.

So here is wishing Nigeria a fabulous fabulous birthday which coincides with the first anniversary of our BBM Channel, Digs and Skims C0019B5B0. Here is to applaud the awareness gracing our streets and the reorientation that fuels it. Here is to solicit insistence and persistence and an unoppressed bout of fervor. Here is praying strength and wisdom for our leaders. Here is hoping that all our dreams as a nation come true

Happy 55th Independence Nigeria! 

by Bisola Agboluaje

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