Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Meet Micah Gianneli: The Queen of Basics, Neutrals, Dark hues and Layers!

Meet Micah Gianneli, an Australian fashion blogger and model. No doubt she’s been a buzz lately. It’s very unlikely not to notice her love for Neutrals and Monochrome. It’s simply amazing. With so many beautiful colors to choose from, I just cannot be this boring! Colorwise… (well, that's because i love colors).

I mean, going through her instagram page @micahgianneli, it’s almost like ‘serendipity’s day’ stumbling on some form of bright color; Something like a yellow, red, fuchsia pink and the likes. ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE! 

In her words....

“I don’t have a lot of pink in my wardrobe. It’s a sea of whites, blacks, nudes, in all sorts of shades.”

Regardless, I think she’s got an amazing style.

Let’s take a look at some of her all time classics:

COLOR- all things black, all shades of nude, pastels, dark hues such as olive green, navy blue etc..
That’s about it! 

For accessories, her choices revolve around black, gold, nude, white and silver.

“Then there’s the minority- including pink, navies, and the odd khaki or bold color. But you know when I do color, I make the most of it.

I'm yet to see that!


‘You all know single color layering is my thing. And so is my consistent palette of monochromes and neutrals.”

“If I’m not going for an all-white or all-camel/nude, then all-black is my number one. Always have been and always will be!”

CLOTHING: Coordinates, Layers (coats, jackets, blazers).

“I always find an outfit is never fully complete without an outerwear- unless its blistering hot, then yes it’s an unnecessary add-on. But as much as possible, I love to throw on a jacket or coat. I think it makes up 50% of the look and makes the ensemble so much dramatic and effective.”
Do you agree? 

COORDINATES: she sure mixes things up (crop top and palazzos/skinnies/minis/midis/ knee length skirts.


“ I've never been heavily into prints or anything too busy, especially lately. But when it comes to any form of print and patterns, this is as much as I’d like to wear.”

A little different is healthy!

She sure loves…



I think she’s a little versatile with her hairstyles.

And of course, her signature pose! Sway away....

So dear Digs and Skims....what do you think about Micah's style? 
Kindly share...

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ByOgunrinde Olayemi

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