Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Pregnant and Phabulous: The Afrovaidosas way!

I feel happy and inspired when I see pregnant women rocking it…whoop whoop! They give me a little hope that it ain't all that bad after all. We do not have to throw our creative juices out the window for some nine months or so. 

Pregnancy is not an easy process or so I've gathered. Dressing can be a challenge even for the trendiest moms-to-be because your body constantly changes. Some carry their baby low.  Some carry high. Some are big all over. Some others are small all over. You have to figure it out and dress your new shape accordingly.

I stumbled on this lady’s Instagram page and blog (view blog here) and I was quite impressed by her pregnancy style; Vibrant and Bold. Prints, layers, colors and form fitting dresses seem to work the magic for her. She reminds me so much of Stella of Jadore Fashion (view blog here) when she was pregnant. Super Inspiring.

The ultimate rule is to wear what makes you comfortable but do not go slouchy. Do not make your over-sized sweaters or tops your go-to outfit. You gotta embrace the bump ladies!

Layering always works.
Layering would not make you look bigger as long as you have the right pieces on. Structured jackets, coats and blazers will add dimension to your look. It’s also a fine way to seemingly ‘hide’ your bump (I know you can’t hide it, but you get what I mean ba?) I noticed the way she paired every of her form fitting dresses with an outer-layer rather than wearing alone.

I like how she went all dark and topped it off with a bright outer-layer here. The dark color gives a slimming effect and disguises the bump a bit. The trendy long line jacket and fringe bag pulled the outfit together quite nicely.

You know, looking at the front view, the prints make it a little difficult to notice the bump (or is it just me?). I think it’s even more obvious in bright solid colored clothing than prints. Your eyes are first caught up in the business of the prints before they then adjust to the fact that there is actually a bump around the tummy area. In other words, I think prints are a great choice for preggy mamas.

Let's compare…

Empire waist dresses and tops, wrap dresses, maxis, A-line dresses, tunics, swing dresses are also flattering on most pregnant ladies.

I hope you draw some inspiration from this post.

Do you have other tips for us based on your experience? Please share with us….


Ogunrinde Olayemi

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