Saturday, 24 October 2015


The pressure to be a perfect wedding guest, no doubt, has peaked in recent times (Emphasis: Nigeria). I mean, you go to a wedding and my Nigerian ladies are killing it. Sometimes, it's hard to point out who is or who isn't related to the bride (almost every one looks like the bride's sister...literally). Sadly, most wedding guests often end up looking even more ravishing than the bride (if the bride doesn't step up her game). 

If i could, i would have taken up Make up artistry but it isn't really my thing. There are so many make up artists but really if you are great at it, you are way to go. It's amazing how much people spend on make up and gele these days. So many people do not mind paying a huge sum just to get a makeover for a friend's wedding (or a friend's friend's wedding or birthday bash!).We all want that perfect gele and makeup. Well... It's ok.

I like a beautifully designed aso-oke...oh! and bless you if it's well tied....
I also like that MUAS are coming up with more interesting gele styles. A break from the 'usuals'.

Be Inspired...(Refreshing colors, Statement neck pieces, ravishing makeovers).

Cutely Layered...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys.

YS; Ogunrinde Olayemi

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