Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How do you spice up your outfits? (guys)

I must say (…and that’s stating the obvious) that guys have fewer options when it comes to accessories. I mean, ladies have SO MANY forms of accessories to choose from: conventional (earrings, necklaces, hats, head chains, brooches etc) and unconventional (body chains, arm cuffs, anklets, ear cuffs etc).
Regardless, guys can still spice up their outfits to suit different occasions or to sort of add personality to the entire ensemble. Let’s see some of the accessories available to you:

Hats, ties, pocket squares, tie bars, cufflinks, lapel pins, neckchains, rings, bracelets, belts, suspenders, socks…etc.

You can use each of these or a combination of some of these to skew your outfit in whatever direction you want it to go and the impression you wanna give onlookers.

Depending on the look you want to achieve (laid back, formal or semi formal), there are different ways to accessorize your suits/blazers.

You may decide to add a tie and a pocket square.

…or go for a tie + pocket square + lapel pin combo.

…or just a tie.

…or just a pocket square.

It is also not out of place to pair your shirts with a tie and pocket square (that’s if your shirt has a side pocket).

Tie bars are not only functional in holding your tie in place. They add a little extra. Colored tie bars are available asides the usual gold and silver. I think a black tie bar is also as nice.

Using a vest
You can wear a suit and a shirt. You can also decide to spice things up by adding a vest. From high rise, mid-rise to low rise vests, variety of designs are available to you. Explore as many colors as you are allowed to. Explore textures too (sweater vests, waist coats etc).

Add a little personality by throwing on your cool suspenders. Try them on. I know you have them hidden somewhere. Dig them out!

Neck chains
Well, not every guy likes to use jewelry, but they actually do a find job. Let these skimmy men inspire you.

Scarves and Mufflers
Cooperate or casual, they work. Take a cue…

Hats, Caps and socks?
Yes please....

Spice up your traditional attires with mufflers and pocket squares too.

Note: your tie, pocket square and lapel pin must coordinate well with the rest of your outfit. Your tie and pocket square don’t always have to be the same color. A rule of the thumb is to make sure your tie bar is placed between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

So guys, make your outfits as refreshing as possible with these tips shared.

Do you have other ways of spicing up your outfits? Kindly share….

Happy Independence Day to all Nigerians!!!

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by Ogunrinde Olayemi

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