Wednesday, 14 October 2015

TRENDS:The Draped Cape

Sometime ago, I wore this outfit and a friend thought I looked like a magician (LOL). Some others thought I looked like an angel. Whatever! Just recently that same friend had her birthday and I made sure I added a similar top to her birthday pack. She called me some days later and she said...
“Skimo, you will come and explain how to wear this thing you bought o….”

I laughed so hard because I had expected that call. Of course…the babe must be tired of me getting her complicated stuffs that are way out of her comfort zone. You know yourself.

Hence, I decided to do a short post on it.

The draped cape top has been everywhere of recent and I've seen quite a number of people rocking it. It’s something like a high-low top that is usually very short in front and the back drapes gracefully down your behind.
See how some of her skimmy Skims have styled it…

I went for a pencil skirt with the top tucked in (as seen above).

She opted for a flare skirt.

With trousers...


What do you think guys?
Gotta rock it or Make it stop?

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