Thursday, 22 October 2015

SKIMO’S RANTS: Hey you Shopaholic!

I like shopping; shopping for myself and shopping for others. Infact, shopping days are happy days for me. Am I a shopaholic? Nah…

If you’re reading this:
You either know one, you have been one or you are one!

I was going through my movie archives recently and I stumbled on this old movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” (let’s not even start with my weird ability to watch a movie 10 times over). The movie is about a lady who loved to shop. She shopped so much, she was in huge debt. It didn't stop her. She literally knew where all the sales were. At some point, her friend made her join a shopaholics group to help her.
One day, she went to one of their meetings with somethings she just bought. She met a lady going into the building and asked if she could keep her things in her car. The lady agreed. Guess what? The lady was their new group instructor! She didn’t know until the lady introduced herself at the meeting. Oh Shit!

The new instructor (stricter than the previous) took all of them to a charity store nearby and simply donated all she bought (including her bridesmaid dress that she had just collected from her friend). Of course, the instructor didn't believe her. She was used to all those 'kinda' lies.

The lady went back to the store to plead for her stuff but they told her she couldn't get them. She begged to buy them back (that’s paying twice). She realized she didn't have enough money and so she had to either choose between the bridesmaid dress or the gown she bought for an interview the next day (Note that, she probably had other new clothes she could wear for the interview in her closet). She chose the interview dress and left the bridesmaid dress. Of course, her friend saw a street hawker wearing her bridesmaid dress.

You can imagine what happened…..


Watching the movie, I wondered, are there really people who shop like this? The point where shopping becomes an addiction! For many, the urge doesn't stop even when the credit card is giving a red flag. You can think of a thousand reasons to get those Gucci boots when you have 10 boots comfortably sleeping in your closet. It then becomes a case of satisfaction rather than necessity.

Heaven, help the gullible shopper!

     The addiction to shop for the shopaholic is so strong that when you ask why they shop that much, you hear stuff like- Oh! I just love:
 The sheen of silk draped across a mannequin.

-          The smell of new Italian leather shoes.
-          The warmth of cashmere coats or sweaters.
-         The rush you feel when you swipe your card and it’s approved and it all belongs to you.
-          The smell of malls.
Or you hear something like – the economy gets better when I shop. HUH? That’s the reason?

Oh dear!

Speaking of the different types of shoppers, there are those who:
-       Stock up on anything that’s on sale. You simply can’t resist the allure of a buy one-get one  free sale.
-          Buy strictly from a list.
-          End up buying twice as much as they expected.
-          Buy only designer items.
-          Buy designer items only if they can get it on discount.
-          Buy designer items only if quality is truly an issue.
-          Buy something only when they really need it.
-          Stock up their closets at the beginning of every season.
-          Buy anytime they see something they like.
-          Buy anytime they can find good stuff on sale……..

Some shop:
-          When they are happy.
-          When they are sad.
-          When they are bored.
-          Just for the feeling of entitlement.
-          Because they can’t simply wear one dress twice.
-          Every damn day!

For certain people like celebrities, fashion bloggers etc, having to shop very often might just be inevitable; probably because there’s a constant need to feed your followers/ fans with the latest trends and all. I do not have any problem with that. I only need you to ensure:
-          You are not breaking the bank.
-          You buy and let go (as new things come in, occasionally let some things go).

I used to watch a program on Style network ‘Clean House’. I saw how many people shopped and got choked in it. I mean, you shop and you have even your bedroom and living room swamped in it. C’mon!!
Most of them were either going through some mid-life crisis or just didn't know when or how it got so bad.
Please note: I’m not addressing ladies or fashion shopaholics alone. There are men who are shopaholics too; gadget shopaholics and the likes. Yh, I see you right there…!!

Buy as much as you can afford. I mean, you have the money right? So, why not?

My point is to make sure you’re gonna use them and not just choke your closet or room with junk.
Re-evaluate your closet every once in a while. You will be amazed at some things you didn't remember you had and are still very good. Give out items you are no longer interested in. Do a yard sale. Give the needy. Give out to friends. Do whatever. Just make sure you are not just buying and piling.

Hey you shopaholic!
Always ask yourself: Do I really need that? Make sure you have GOOD reasons for that Yes!
Remember, you also have the choice to say no!

Buy less, Choose wisely Digs and Skims…..

Thanks for stopping by.

YS: Ogunrinde Olayemi

CREDIT: Man Repeller


  1. Lol. Guilty a charged. I can't keep my eyes off good items that are on sale. I must buy!

    1. Ah Ah! there you that you've confessed, go and sin no more! LOL.