Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's a Ripped Jeans Affair: Taking it Home or Taking it to the Streets?

Just like I said the last time I made a post on Ripped jeans on our BBM channel;

I have never really understood Ripped/Destroyed/Distressed Jeans…

I mean, I’m still yet to wrap my head around getting one for myself. I can totally relate with a small straight cut. Something more like this…

Anything else, hmmm….not so sure. But hey, that’s just me!

Here’s how some of our Skimmy Skims have rocked theirs; some taking it Home and others to the Streets.

How do you rock your Ripped/Distressed/Destroyed jeans?

Do you take it Home (keeping it simple or being a little conservative) or do you take it to the Streets (going wild and daring)?

Kindly share…

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YS: Ogunrinde Olayemi

TRENDS: The Double Breasted Man- Statement!

…An Elegant and Charismatic alternative to the Single breasted suit.

The double breasted suit/Jacket is a unique statement, not known to many but should be recognized by all.

I was going through my picture archives and I noticed a lot of young guys are beginning to embrace this relatively retro style and bringing on modern twists to it. I am a fan!

A classic double breasted suit is usually a 6 on 2 button design (6 total buttons with 2 working buttons).

There is also the 6 on 1 style (6 total buttons with only the last button being active).

Asides these, other modifications exist.

There is the 4 on 1 design (one functioning button out of four).
There is the 4 on 2 design (two functioning buttons out of four).
There is the 5 on 1 design (one functioning button out of five).
You can have as many as 8 buttons.

A peak lapel is usually found on double breasted suits or jackets.

Wearing this suit in a classic cut and fabric is statement enough, hence, the need to keep it simple. You would probably have to go minimal with your accessories when dealing with a double breasted suit or jacket. It’s not the time to wear your tie bar, lapel pin, pocket square, tie all at once… save one! If you must, choose your colors wisely.

Tailoring is key. It just has to fit you right.

Make it modern with color and prints.

I think this style works well with slim guys because it adds a little bit of bulk and dimension to the torso. 
I also love it on guys with broad chest, especially when the cut cinches the waist and slightly flares out.

Looking for a way to add a little different to your wardrobe?  Get one in a neutral color for starters.
You can totally rock it to work. I suggest you make it your ‘I want to look different today’ option, not your everyday option.

More pictures to inspire you….

So who’s ready to join the Double breasted wagon? Yeah, I see you right there…and you over there!                       
As a lady, can you rock? Sure!

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YS: Ogunrinde Olayemi

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

LOOKBOOK SERIES: The Work Wardrobe

Hello All. How's it going? Hope your week went well? Mine did. Well. another chance has been given to us to make things even better. Seize it!

We bring to you our  Work Lookbook Series to help you with your wardrobe choices this week.
Be Inspired!

What to wear to work:
Priscilla Inspired

Olives, leopard and a pop

Wide leg windowpane pants, turtleneck top, statement neckpiece and a blazer

Tanesha Inspired

Bosi Lee Inspired

Olarslim Inspired

Stella Jadore Inspired
Fall colors, culottes, windowpane midi skirt, white shirt, blazer, coats...

Iamdodos Inspired

Illrymz Inspired
Monochrome with a dash of white

Charity Inspired

...and more...

Click here and here if you missed the last two posts on 'Work Lookbook series).
Have a fruitful week guys.

YS: Ogunrinde Olayemi

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