Sunday, 3 April 2016

WORK Style-Finding a way around boring work dress codes.

My heart goes out to those who spend most of their days wrapped in boring work clothes. Bigger hugs to those who really wish their work outfits could be a little more liberal…..arggghhh!

Having to wear dark colored suits with few specified complementing colors to go with them or having to wear company tagged t-shirts 24/5-6 is worrisome. Well at least for me. I dislike uniforms. I must have had my fair share of uniforms going through the different stages of education, not to forget boarding house uniforms.

But if you cannot get a job that permits a reasonable level of wardrobe freedom, what choice do you have really? You gotta work the work and wear them boring clothes.

Let me share some tips that should work:
Two major ways to go around the issue of boring dress codes are to play with accessories and styles.

If you have to wear suits every work day, you must have at least three color options (black, blue, gray/ash, brown etc.). You might wanna get those suits in every color permissible.

Go for nicely cut and designed suits (plain or pin striped).

Switch between shirts and camisoles.

Switch between skirts and pant suits in different styles (wide leg pant suits, knee length skirt suits, midi skirt suits). If dress suits are allowed, even better! You can even go three piece on days you’re feeling super good. A three piece pant suit….i love! The designs and fitting of your suits go a long way.

Let your accessories speak. At least, let every other thing do the talking if you can’t afford too many suits.

Use simple and elegant accessories. Use brooches on your lapel. Use neck scarves. If your suit has a breast pocket, try a pocket square (ladies).

Let your bag and shoes be well coordinated.

Common ladies, y’all have a lot to work with compared to the guys.

Play with suit and shirt colors as much as it’s allowed.

Go three piece with waist coats or sweater vests.

Get enough ties and pocket squares. Just keep changing them every day on those two suits you have….LOL. Add details with your cufflinks, tie bars, belts, socks and pocket squares.

Get quality shoes.

Use suspenders.

If you love work bags, you might wanna get one or two. They are super trendy right now. I like a dark brown shoe and bag pair. Really cool.

A good suit designer is always handy. It’s easier to get your suits done to your specification; you can as well explore different designs and adjust accordingly.

I’m aware that more flexible dressings are allowed on Fridays. So you might wanna use those days well, if you know what I mean……

To those who have to wear company tagged shirts (something similar to the one above), your accessories will do a lot of the work for you. Explore different bottoms, shoe options (wedges, sneakers, block heel sandals etc). Use hats and caps. You can even throw on a blazer once in a while.

I hope you find these tips helpful.

Thanks for stopping by....

Have a fruitful week.

YS: Ogunrinde Olayemi

CREDIT: Stella Jadore, Mr Asare, StylebyTrey, Lolu, Omoni Oboli......

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