Saturday, 9 April 2016

PARTY ROCKERS: A break from the Norm!

It’s amazing how refreshing fashion can be and how new ideas keep creeping in. I’m especially in love with the African culture and how Nigerians can go to any length to stylishly grace a party or event. These days it’s not unusual to get confused as to who really is the bride or who really is the bride’s immediate family. It’s almost often like a competition! People splurging to look ravishingly garbed and caked up. It’s interesting to watch.

What I’m very much interested in is how styles are revolving and how party rockers are breaking the cliche of what we refer to as ‘ASO EBI’. These days it’s not uncommon to see guests in dazzling gowns, jumpsuits, fascinators and more. I am also very much in love with the new styles of head gears trending now. Super modish!

So step up your game people and be the perfect party rocker. Don’t be caught lagging behind.

Let these styles inspire you…

Enjoy the weekend.

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