Monday, 11 April 2016

The Accessories Bucketlist: A Cap, a Scarf and a Hat

A Cap, a Scarf and a Hat….
Use any of these accessories to take your sartorial mix from bland to modish.

A scarf or a shawl (as the case may be) can be used in so many ways, you just cannot say, you don’t know how. 

Drape a scarf/shawl around your neck

A belted scarf

Use your scarf as a headwrap

Tie the scarf around your neck

Tie a scarf to the handle of your bag

There are so many types of hats- fedora, bucket, visor, wide brim, panama etc... Get one that suits your face and accessorize accordingly.

A couple of celebrities and fashion forward individuals such as Janelle Monae, Damilola Oke (Msmodish), Pinkyberry... have been spotted using these caps in stylish ways. This look, to me, makes for nice photo shoots and style editorials.

DJ Spinall, one of Nigeria's best DJs is well known for his signature look- he is hardly ever without his cap. I am totally for having a signature look as it sets you apart.

Be sure to try out any of these tips and you're way to go...

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YS: Ogunrinde Olayemi

CREDIT: Damilola Oke, Pinkyberry, Likeaboss, Ezinne of Zinkata, Lendisi, Princess Audu, Swaggaismything, Nadira, Janelle Monae, Chimedzam, IamTailored, DJ Spinall, Hintsofglamour...

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