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HOW A GUY SHOULD DRESS: What the ladies think!

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Hi Ladies!

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So we carried out a survey, trying to find out how ladies really like a guy to be dressed. The survey was centered around these two questions: 1. What do you like to see on a guy or how do you like a guy dressed? 2. What should a guy never wear?

We got really interesting responses. Let’s see….


I like a guy in shorts with t-shirt matched with palms for a very casual outing;
Fitted traditional long sleeved outfit with embroidery for a native outing;
Blazer on a shirt and trousers for a cooperate outing.
A guy should never wear- color rioting clothes. It’s just tacky….

CANDY SHOP- fashion enthusiast

I like a man in Blazer and jeans (especially a guy with nice shoulders);
A white cotton loose shirt with white shorts;
A guy should never wear baby pink color. I just think it makes you look gay.

MOTUNRAYO- makeup enthusiast

I like a guy in a well tailored crisp shirt,
Well tailored native attire.
A guy should never wear – Sandals, no matter how expensive it is.
Shirts in weird colors like red, green, yellow….

Exceptional Ella
I love a nice wristwatch on a guy.
A nice scent.
Nice shoes
A guy should never wear sneakers with trads.

FOLAKE- creative writer, avid reader, naturalist

I like to see a guy in nicely cut out pants, tailored shirts and well matched colors.
Preferred colors-ash, black, brown, navy blue (they are sexy colors).
I don’t like a guy wearing blings, long chains, socks with shorts, sunglasses indoors (very annoying).
I dislike guys in turtle necks or too tight shirts.
Pencil jeans (oh God!!!)
Belts with stones…..mscheww!

EMILY- fantastic baker

I love it when guys wear fitted suits (not too tight, not too loose).
I hate when the shape of guy’s crotch shows because the pants are too tight.
He should never wear white shoes (to me, they’re not nice).
He should never wear jump up pants.
I hate when a guy’s beards are unkempt.
I dislike guys that grow their nails.
A guy should never color block (rara oo!).

‘Before my hubby steps out of the house, I do a quick inspection. Most times, I pick out his outfits’


I like a guy in tuxedo.
I like a guy in a blazer, white tee, blue denim and sneakers or loafers combo.
I also like a guy in waist coat, shirt and pants.
I dislike it when a guy wears earrings or neckchains.

CHIZZY- banker, naturalist, fashion enthusiast

I love neck chains on guys but on traditional outfits tho.
I totally think nerd glasses are cool on guys….kinda hypes the look.
I so love the use of shawls on a suit or blazer.
Guys should learn to stay in those dark cool colors especially when they wear brown shoes and belts.
Pocket squares are nice. Guys should learn to use them.
I also love brogues!
Please they should learn to blend the right tones, not coffee brown on one side and carton brown somewhere else.
I am not really a fan of check suits. In fact I don’t advice guys to wear them, because they just might get it all wrong. You need the right blend of lines and colors. Check suits are not flattering on most body types and shapes. So I’d rather have them go on the check jackets and plain pants.

RONKE- accountant

A guy should wear a perfect fit; Pants to fit, shirts to fit, native to fit. No oversize.
A guy should as much as possible, stay away from bright colored pants.
Quality is key for me. Better to have a few TM shirts than a stock of ibo shirts….LOL.

ELLA- Super Hero and Upcoming Chef

I love love love when a guy knows how to dress up in shorts. I find it absolutely sexy and playful.

A guy should never wear loud colors. I find it so annoying.

I love a guy in a well structured and designed suit with cool details (suit accessories).
I also love a guy in a neatly designed native attire.
I notice a guy’s watch
Good use of color is very important.
Keep the beards neat and short. Overly full beards freak me out.
I like a guy in shorts, tee and hat.
I don’t like a guy in distressed denim.

What are your thoughts?
Which of these do you find particularly interesting?
Kindly share.....

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YS :Ogunrinde Olayemi

CREDIT: Emily Asobie, Fadeyi Motunrayo, Olagunju Folake, Miss Candyshop, Abimbola, Ibikunle Ronke, Nnamdi Chiziterem, Emmanuella, Favor....

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