Saturday, 5 September 2015

Skimo's Rants: A Bridesmaid's Dilemma

For many of us who have had the opportunity to be on one or more bridal trains, you definitely know this routine:

You get the call. You are informed about the wedding and that you would be on the train. You’re happy of course (your friend, sister, uncle, aunt etc.. is getting married). It’s almost hard to say no even if you’re going through some financial mishap. Then it hits you that you were just told it would cost 20k or even more! For some it might seem like a token and for many more it’s like…damn 20k??!!

Wait a minute…the 20k might just be for the dress alone!! LOL….

You get the dress and it’s simply okay for the event but you can’t seem to wrap your head around what to do with it after the wedding.

This happens a lot.

Most often than not, we pay a huge sum for bridesmaid dresses and we just end up dumping them somewhere in the far corner of our closets. Why? because they literally scream ‘bridesmaid dress!!

It’s almost like it’s even better to be in the Aso Ebi group. At least you know you get to re-wear somehow, someday.
So imagine those who get to be on a train often…maybe because they are 'too fine' or they just know too many people or have too many friends. Think about how many dresses they have had to pay for but never get to wear them after the wedding.

Now the bride comes with this argument….

Brides may also want to argue that they don’t get to wear their wedding gowns after that day, so that’s the least you could do for them…blablabla…
But really, wedding gowns can be a lot more useful after the wedding day. You can simply put them up for rent or keep for your female children to wear on their wedding day or something.

Here’s my point,

I think brides and designers should come up with versatile designs that are wearable even after the wedding (especially when the bridesmaids are paying so much). I have seen a couple of dresses that are lovely. It’s almost hard to tell when you re-wear.
The funny thing is, groomsmen almost never face this. I mean… the shirt, suit, tie, pocket square etc are all very useful after the wedding. It’s almost always an investment for the groomsmen.

So, dear lovely brides to be and designers, help your bridesmaids. Make it worth it.

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