Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why Kim Is Her Own Woman

I have wanted to share my thoughts on this woman for some time, but for some reason, I found myself writing a few lines and then abandoning it. Partly because I feared my opinions on this were not relatable.  I cannot write for sure if this attempt will adequately capture my thoughts but a try, they say, never hurt nobody.

The first I heard of Kim Kardashian was a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray-J becoming public. In fact, people claim that was how she got catapulted into limelight. For the minute percentage of my readership that might not be conversant with a ‘sex tape’, it is a recording of a sexual intercourse on your phone or a camera for future reference. Whether Kim intentionally released the tape for intended effects is very debatable, but since the crux of the everyday allegation leveled against her is the taping of her sexual experience itself, I will dismiss it in one opinion.

Almost every adult has a sex life. In fact, kids who are ‘smart’ enough to listen to the advices of their mothers to wait till marriage or adulthood, find themselves looking forward to this seemingly ecstatic experience that culminates in habitualness. Maybe if we had enough decency to accept and regard adult sex as a natural and popular activity, it would be easier to come to terms with the idea of people having kinks such as filming their intimate moments.

Moving on, if a woman as beautiful and as curvy as Kim has been watched having sex the entire world over, then it is simply nothing to hide. The boobs. The curves. The butt. Nothing! In fact, considering how many people I assume have seen this tape, then her body has become some sort of a global monument. And if you are wondering what her body celebrates, nudity.

The problem with the world is that we choose to appreciate things that are only layered up. A beautiful woman is only admirable when she has tons of clothes on. How many of us love the figure that we see when alone in the corner of our rooms? When you strip down to nature before bed, do you kiss the growing fat on your upper arm? In the morning before your routine bath, do you turn around in front of the mirror to admire your love handles? Do you spend as much money taking care of your skin as you dish out on all these designer names and their hoaxes? Are you in love with the one that houses your soul? Your body is as near-important as your very essence. If it got chipped off in tiny bits to the very end, what do you think would be left?

So here is what I think about Kim. She had sex. Had it filmed. Somehow, it became public. She made success off a purportedly messy situation. She had two options. To live in shame over an event that could not be undone or to ‘face her front’ and grow into the new image; a sex symbol. She has landed mouthwatering deals for herself and has dragged her entire family into the zone of comfort. I thought you all encouraged the spirit of entrepreneurship. Oh, there are guidelines? Come off it!

By Bisola Agboluaje 

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