Saturday, 19 December 2015

MUSINGS: How your fashion could be getting in the way of Mr Right!

Funny topic….yh?

As a lover of accessories, fashion rings are a huge part of my collection. I love rings and so I get them in various colors and sizes. As the trends have moved, putting the spotlight on knuckle rings, I surely have moved with the trend.

For some time now, I have been on some training (which kinda explains why my blogging has been inconsistent…apologies). Somehow, I came up with the topic in the course of this training.

I was having a discussion with a colleague in class one day (a guy) and somehow the discussion suddenly focused on my ring. He started to tell me how he used to think I was engaged and all of that. I asked him if the ring looked like an engagement ring (because it didn't seem like one to me). He replied saying most guys won’t get the opportunity to come close enough to confirm if it was a fashion ring or an engagement ring. They would basically assume ‘yes’ and move on. 
It didn't make sense to me at that time.
I mean, if you see a lady you like, approach her and see where it leads you. At least be sure she is engaged or married, I argued.

For some reason, I have been drawn to fashion rings that could totally pass for wedding or engagement rings (but for the quality….) and for another reason, I find myself wearing them on my two middle fingers   AhAh!! get right?
So a guy spots me from a distance and as he tries to approach me, I raise my hands to adjust my hair and shit!.... he sees two rings on the two sacred fingers. He thinks to himself, you probably shouldn't…. and then he retrieves. Friendship or Relationship missed!

I don’t know if that’s how it really works but that was me trying to see through another lens in trying to understand what my friend meant.
I must say that as at that time, I didn't take him serious. 
Overtime, I noticed some other male colleagues asked me the same question but we would simply laugh over it. Check! I thought it was a class thing.

It wasn't until two of my facilitators commented. They said they actually thought I was engaged. I was like ‘seriously?’ Now, I really should do something about this. It wasn't a class thing after all. For those facilitators to have thought the same, then my friend was probably right.

How many relationships or friends have I missed by a single act of wearing my fashion rings and on my two sacred fingers at that?
Do guys really assume a girl is engaged just because you can see a ring on her finger?  Aren't there married ladies who don’t even wear their rings? Guys, share with us….

Why miss out on something nice just by mere assumptions?

Really, wearing my fashion rings on any other finger feels weird to me.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on this issue?

YS: Ogunrinde Olayemi


  1. hmmmm. I've always been wary of wearing rings on my left hand especially (cos of the married or not bruhaha, and the 'spiritual' implications of wearing rings there when not married)...I just stick to my thumb or pinkie, leave the others BARE. my right hand where i do the major embellishments. LOL. btw Admin, I miss your updates on your BBM Channel...don't abandon us there. had to check your profile there, and remembered u have u blog...which is AWESOME by the way!

  2. hehe nice. oh! i didn't know of the spiritual implications!!! interesting....I will be back on the channel soon.Thanks for checking in. muaah!