Monday, 8 February 2016

Val’s Day outfit Inspo: Red and other matters...

Happy new week Digs and Skims!

It’s Valentine season, which automatically translates to the fact that we are in the season of love, giving and sharing. It’s not a time to give in to lasciviousness; lechery or lustfulness. We must embrace the core essence of the season. Love extraordinaire- extraordinaire , because you’re supposed to show love everyday but it’s time to make it exceptional.

As expected, malls, supermarkets and stores are all stucked up with variety of gift options to choose from. Avail yourself of the opportunity to make this one a memorable one for your ‘val’ (which could be a friend, spouse…anybody actually).

As for those who are not expecting to be ‘valed’ by anyone, God is the ultimate Val of all. Expect a gift from him. Expect a miracle! Hence, spend time with him throughout that day…afterall, it’s a Sunday. LOL.

Speaking of gifts….
Y’all try to be unique with your gifts this year. And there’s this thing with teddy bears…arggghh! Maybe I’m just weird but give me a teddy bear and I throw it in the far corner of my wardrobe the next day. I’ve just never understood teddy bears. But hey, that’s just me. Your girlfriend loves teddies? Please get her one or better still, get her the 12 layered ones. So she can literally sleep on them. For me, I toss them on the floor. Facetious…

Speaking of outfits…
Depending on the kinda date you’re gonna have: formal date, casual date, girl’s day out or solo date (date with self), you should plan your outfit accordingly. For some it’s gonna be suit ups and dress ups. For some others, it’s gonna be a little laid back. Whatever it is, you have to look good regardless. And since red is the color of love, it wouldn’t be out of place to wear red or a touch of it. Other dominating colors could be white and black. Whatever color you choose, I preach adding a teeny, tinny touch of red to it. But it really doesn’t matter though. Just slay away!

Here are some pictures to inspire you…

White is everything

Red is the color of the season.

A little Black Dress (LBD) can do the magic for you.

Or other colors....

If you would go to church earlier that day, you could go for an outfit that can work for church and your outing. Other colors you might like include: yellow, and blue.

Remember to keep on that smile.

Have a love-filled week

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