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How tos: Mixing Prints Perfectly

Long before now, mixing prints was considered a fashion faux pas. In recent times, it totally reflects a fashion forward and edgy look. Mixing prints can look tacky if you don’t do things right. That’s why I’m gonna share with you some tips on how to graciously mix your prints.

How to mix prints:

Repeat colors- your prints should have at least one color in common. 
You can either go for two prints with the same dominant color or choose a dominant color from one print and match that color with the second print.
The colors don’t have to match exactly but they have to be close enough that it’s clear they are meant to be together.

Mix a big print and a small print
Having prints in different sizes creates visual harmony. Think of prints in terms of sizes.

It's even possible to mix three prints without looking out of place. Stella Jadore shows us how- thin stripes, bold stripes and gingham prints (shirt, shorts, shoes).

Use a solid to break up prints
Choose a solid color that matches both prints, rather than having the prints layered on top of one another.

Mix two similar prints

Lolu also shows us that guys can freshly mix prints and look dapper.

Prints that come in similar scale but come in slightly different colors can layer beautifully. If you are after a conservative, monochromatic look, then you should try this.

Mix bold patterns with low contrast patterns

Mix polka dots with plaid or stripes

Mix black and white prints
You can never go wrong with different black and white prints. This is another option for beginner print mixers.

Mix stripes and florals

Mix two types of animal prints

Mix animal prints and stripes

Use your accessories in mixing prints- shoes, scarfs, bags, purses...

Mix and Match Digs and Skims

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